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I'm Claire


a german, nyc based designer, specializing in UX/UI design. I'm always looking for new challanges
to build purposeful, human-
centered, (digital) solutions
& solve real problems.


Scroll down for some of my favorite case studies

& if you would like to learn more about my work,

let's talk! ✨

GoPal + Google Maps

GoPal is a travel companion app for women - there is safety in numbers.

Multidisciplinary team project, Cornell Tech / Product Studio


eSuite is a digital sheet music platform to perform, collab and organize.

Multidisciplinary team project, Cornell Tech / Start-Up Studio

Tutor Orial

Re-designing the webflow for a tutoring agency.

Solo project, Parsons / Major Studio 1


CryptoEasy makes the process of learning about crypto ..easy.

Solo project

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