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Cornell Tech


Platfrom for digital sheet music

Cornell Tech Product Studio

Timeline : 3 months

Project Team : Mitchel Taylor (MBA),

Kenny Xie (CS), George Pomar (CS),

Claire Boguslawski (UX/UI)

eSuite is a digital platform that provides musicians an end-to-end experience with digital sheet music.

It allows musicians to

• browse

• purchase

• organize

• annotate

• sync

• collaborate on

& perform


with digital sheet music as an upgraded alternative to traditional paper sheet music.


• Interview Guide

• Industry Research

• Rich Picture

• Ideation

• Interviews

• Affinity Maps + Insights

• Idea Selection & Pitching

• Business Model Canvasses

• Value Creation Analysis

• Reflect on VCA

• Decomposing and Rating Risks

• DeRisking Sequence

• Experiment Design

• Experimentation Plan

• Reflect on Learnings

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