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     Things you'll find here :

  • Other interactive work 

  • Editorial / Graphic Design

  • Code (HTML5 & CSS)

  • UX / UI - case ctudies


Other interactive work (hover over the frames)

Notes from the field

Notion Notebook, Austin & Claire

A collaborative notebook between Austin and Claire. We were documenting and publishing various notes, materials, and additional resources from the Visual Culture Seminar at Parsons.

Oneline Portfolio

Risography Portfolio

This prototype is a small portfolio for my one line illustrations. As they usually are made from only one line, the portfolio also consists of one single line.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-21 um 14.45.08.png

Counting coffee cups

This figma prototype is a navigable digital translation of my experience (and increase in coffee consumption) during the first semester at Parsons and Cornell Tech.

Anas 2.png

Website personal trainer


Developed & designed a website / online portfolio for a personal trainer in Frankfurt, Germany. His goal was to provide an overview of his services to his current and also potential clients.


Form follows function - Dieter Rams


Redesign the layout of an article I read and liked. Typeset the content in different layout variations using a single grid system.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-04 um 06.16.50.png



This web page enables the user to walk through snowy New York with a navigation system with different functions (for example letting the snow melt).

Editorial / Graphic Design


Re-branding a vinyl booklet & cover for Plantasia (music for plants) by Mort Garson. The idea was to translate the song's audio waves to a visual level by using spray paint, water and vibrations of the sound mambrane playing the album.

Aniis, Raum fuer Kaffeekultur

Some products for Aniis, Raum fuer Kaffeekultur in Frankfurt. Awning, stamp cards, menus, stickers and risograph

prints / illustrations.

MEGAzine Magazine

The focus in this project was on the layout,

typography & typeset.

Skate, Smile, Fight / Charity project

Coloring book, flyers & posters for "skate, smile, fight". With this project we commemorated pro skater Dylan Rieder, who died of complications from leukemia. All proceeds from the book were donated to a foundation for children with cancer.

Urbanana + EsIstFreitag

Illustrations & editorial design for a magazin (Frankfurt du bist so wunderbar). Topic : tourism in Germany.

Enzyclopedia Feminism

This lexicon explains the term "feminism" with all its different forms, types and terms through illustrations and typography.

A Clockwork Orange // Nadsat

Magazine about Nadsat (a fictional language, used by the teenage gang in Anthony Burgess's dystopian novel

"A Clockwork Orange"). Exhibition 2018 @ Museum fuer Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Italian Cuisine / Luigi Fabri

Designing a cookbook for an italian chef in Frankfurt who cooks in an simple and traditional way. I reflected his craft and simlicity in my design method through traditional, crafty paintings - with real paint and brushes.

Photography / Everything is art

Everyone perceives their environment with different eyes.
Through my work I want to show that there is art and design
in the simplest things (reflections, forms, structure, light,
shadow and color).



During lockdown I've built my own little risography studio at home to print my one-line illustrations and showcase them  in galleries / restaurants in Frankfurt.

Code (HTML 5 & CSS)

Project 1 : Tags / Things I like

My very first steps into coding.. a web page and list of things I like. I experimented with different types of elements.

Project 2 : Archive Page

Designing & coding an archive to organize material - in this case movie trailers, posters and links (which are housed on an channel and collected by someone else). A flexible system, that can grow and change over time, not a static website.

UX / UI - case studies

Google Maps

Travel companion feature for Google Maps

Solo project, Parsons / Major Studio 1


Digital sheet music platform to perform, collab and organize.

Multidisciplinary team project, Cornell Tech / Start-Up Studio

Tutor Orial

Re-designing the webflow for a tutoring agency.

Solo project, Parsons / Major Studio 1


CryptoEasy makes the process of learning about crypto ..easy.  Solo project

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